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Seamwork Magazine’s Oslo Sweater


2016-02-09 10.10.07I live in a very cold climate. Even now we have snow on the ground still and its most likely not over. Spring has not sprung, that’s for sure. Not only is it usually chilly, I am cheap, at least when it comes to heating oil or wood for the stove.

So I usually reach for either a fleece or a cardigan to keep me toasty. I also use them as a sort of unstructured blazer for important meetings. Since I don’t work outside my house anymore, except for the occasional meeting, a motley collection of cardigans have replaced my suit jackets and blazers. A few have gotten ratty and needed to be replaced.


I have been a subscriber to Colette’s Seamwork magazine since last spring. I had tried a few patterns from their regular line and was intrigued by the line of basics that would be offered every month by the magazine.  The Oslo didn’t really appeal to me for some reason, maybe the fabric choices in the pictures. After I had worked my way through most of the patterns though, I decided to revisit some of the earlier ones. I am so glad I did.



My last mystery fabric bundle from  Fabricmart had some fabulous sweater knits.

The first was a chunky knit that turned out nice and warm. I have already worn it a few times with jeans, a tee, and black boots. I love this with Colettes Mabel pencil skirt also.

Colette doesn’t lie that the pattern only takes a few hours to put together. On a serger it was crazy fast, finishing the hem with a twin needle on the regular machine. Knits are very forgiving anyway but this pattern was designed with a separate collar and cuffs that go on like a dream.

It fits loosely but still has enough shape to be feminine and flattering. I like the length very much, hitting just below my hips. Your fabric choice can totally change the look of this from snuggly and casual to polished and professional.

The second one I made has become just as loved. It’s a silky royal blue knit that drapes wonderfully. I think the next one I make however I will go down a size for lighter knits, the shoulders were a tad too low dropping the sleeves a wee bit long. The bulkier fabric was spot on.



I was very surprised at this pattern, I had assumed it was  a super casual sweater but that’s not the case at all. This will become my new go to for a sweater jacket. I am thinking even to try one out in a light jersey knit to throw on this summer on cool evenings.

Yet another awesome  basic pattern  from Seamwork that makes the subscription  fee seem cheap.


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