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My Favorite New Skirt for #handmademonth

In the pursuit of some handmade wardrobe clarity for #handmademonth, I made some decisions about the whys of the me-mades in my closet that I don’t wear as often as I would like. Because the ones that are in my closet do fit well and I like.

I think that, by far, the biggest culprit is the lack of neutral basics to go with the flowery, flowy prints and pinks in all shades that I love.


I need some solid tops to go with my patterned skirts and some more solid bottoms to go with all those blouses.  I was also surprised that I have worn out all of my long sleeved shirts. Not a single one left.

Realistically some of those bottoms need to be denim and some of the tops need to be white or black(and long sleeved). Another basic I seem to be missing is sweaters for our brutal winters. I have pulled out six patterns that I have made and plan to make a couple of each. If I get really ambitious(not likely), I would love to have a me-made coat…….

I live in skirts and tights so I did MariaDenmark’s Yasmin Yoke Skirt first. It’s the perfect denim skirt and a great basic.

Have a piece of clothing that as soon as it comes out of the dryer goes back into rotation? This skirt will be one of mine .

2016-02-12 12.40.47

The pattern from Mariadenmark was a fast easy sew, had fitting tips included in the pattern (that never happens right?, and is a great basic to go with almost anything.

Yasmin Yoke Skirt has front pockets, which are just big enough to hold a smallish phone and a lipstick. It has a nice waistband to hold in baby belly and define your waist. I like that it can be done in two lengths, short and sporty or longer for work.

2016-02-17 21.11.46
The only detail that was not beginner is an invisible zipper. Although if you grab the invisible sewing foot for it it becomes very, very easy. Just remember to slightly pull the stitch line away from the teeth. Ask me how I know…..
I did this in a grey stretch denim. I think I need a couple more of these if I can decide on fabrics, maybe a tan cotton and of course black heavier weight denim.