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MeMade May 2017



It’s that time of year again! I love #MMMay2017 It’s so inspirational, for all the reasons that slow fashion is becoming a thing again. It’s hosted by Zoe Edward at ‘So Zo what do you know’. The sign up post is here.


I get stuck about halfway through for ideas for somewhat original pictures to post on Instagram. This year I want to focus more on styling those fabulous Indie patterns I have so many of. Focusing on a capsule wardrobe this year is helping me to narrow in on colors and styles that fit my body type and lifestyle. With any luck the pictures will be more cohesive and less just rolled out of bed and grabbed the first thing….

I have added a few more items to my “tried and true” I will showcase ( and hopefully blog about!) this year.  Blackwood cardigans, Lark tees, Parkside shorts, and one hour tops were added, as well as some WIP Ginger jeans that hopefully I will have done next week. I made two jackets as well, the Dover and HP’s kimono jacket. Can’t wait to show those.


I hope by sharing my me-made wardrobe someone may take the plunge when they realize that basics can be less time consuming to make once you have a basic template but still fashionable and wearable daily.  I also plan to add my knit wear to my pictures. Socks, a sweater, and a couple shawls are all getting regular wear so I want to share those too.

2016-07-13 05.13.36


Can’t wait to see all the beautiful clothes the community is wearing! See you on Instagram at Nicholaix.


Seamwork’s Addison Tank Top

I had already washed and dried my fabric choices. My trusty Sorbetto was out and ready to start cutting. But I had the chance to see the new Seamwork Magazine’s Addison tank top before I got started. It looked exactly like what I needed and was just a little different from anything I had.

2016-06-02 11.04.03

Seamwork‘s Addison  has a sweet v neck (but not very low) and a lined bodice that sews up like a dream. I found it easy to customize. One I added patch pockets, another few I left off the collar. I am thinking to lengthen it to a shift dress.

2016-06-03 13.46.23-1

I chose to do a cotton plaid, cotton embroidered, challis, gauze, and a chambray to cover my wardrobe needs. I think they look great and I am very pleased.


I did find it to be a bit roomy. Depending on cut I wear from a 14 to an 18 in Colette Patterns. The first muslin of this I sized down to the 14 which took care of armhole gape and wonky neck. The length is low hip on me so its a nice tunic length.

The directions are very clear, including the burrito roll for the lining. After the first time it’s a very quick sew up. No bias binding or complicated facings to slow things down. Just take your time and follow the directions in order and you will be fine.

2016-06-03 10.37.11

The lining comes to just a couple inches under the neck which became a bit awkward in the white. It feels like a design flaw, especially in a summer top which will be used in lighter weight fabrics. Easy enough to lower the front lining piece however, this was the only fabric that had that issue.

2016-07-13 05.13.36


I think these can be styled up with a dressier skirt or trouser as well as dressed down with denim or khaki’s. I am very impressed with my subscription to Seamwork. It really has all the basics covered for a complete wardrobe, from undergarments to work to athletic. The size range is awesome as well. Go check it out.



2016-07-13 05.15.48


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Free Sewing Patterns

Here’s a roundup of some of the freebie basics patterns out there that I have tried. I am sure there are lots more but these I have actually sewn up.


Sorbetto Top  is a fabulous basic from Colette Patterns that I have made many of. It uses just a bit of fabric and is a pullover, so no fasteners. You can use purchased bias tape or make your own to coordinate for the neckline and sleeves. It’s a great summer basic top and easy to make as well.  Tons of variation on this to make as well. On the one below I did an inverted pleat. Do a search on Pinterest and you will see a gazillion variations. They also offer a super cute bloomer pattern. It’s on my list but I haven’t got to it yet. I am a subscriber to their Seamwork magazine which offers a ton of great easy to sew basics for a considerably low price.



Hemlock Tee is a tee from Grainline with lots of options. You have to sign up for their newsletter but thats not a problem, she posts sewing tips and lots of great ideas. I made a couple of these and was impressed at how easily it came together but as a curvy girl I found the dropped arm constricting. The sizing, however, is spot on. It’s just an awkward cut for me. That being said, I throw around huge bags of dirt and 5 gallon pots so, for the average person, this one is a really nice long sleeve option as well as a nice test for their other patterns. I have made quite a few of their Linden sweatshirts and Scout woven tees, they are T and T’s for me. The Tamarack Jacket is on my sew list.

concord muslin 2


Kirsten Kimono Tee is my all time favorite. It’s a freebie from Mariadenmark sewing patterns that fits me very well and sews up so fast I can make one to wear in the morning if I am desperate.  It nips in just enough at the waist for some definition and the shoulders are comfy without being sloppy. I did modify the neck a bit for my personal preference. This one is also available for signing up for their newsletter. I wear the Yasmin yoke skirt quite alot as well as the Just a Tank top.


Zoe top and Libby Skirt are both from Tessuti Fabrics. They have other freebies as well but I have sewn up these two. The Zoe is a great stashbuster for bits of lace and chiffon. Libby is a great basic a-line that looks smart in everything from quilting cottons and denim to a tweed or wool. I have several patterns from Tessuti including the Annie dress and the Alice top. I love the elegant, romantic look to most of their patterns which showcase their lovely fabrics. Definitely worth a look.

Isabella Banded Skirt is the cutest twirly skirt. I went a little crazy and made a few when it was released. It is the easiest skirt pattern ever, basically a rectangle with an elastic waist. You have to join their Facebook group to get this one. Bella sunshine designs had adorable little girl patterns which, sadly, I don’t sew for anymore but if you have little girls this one’s a must look.

Last but certainly not least is the So Sew Easy website. I have only sewed up one of their dresses and a tote bag. Debi previews a huge lot of patterns for free and sometimes starts charging for them so grab it if you like it. Her site is chock full of tutorials and inspiration as well. I didn’t find them to be horribly curvy friendly but they would certainly be fabulous for regular sizes.

Here’s a start to your basics for your wardrobe that will keep the cost down. The great thing about freebies is you can preview the designer and see if you like the sizing and shaping of their garments. I have found some of my tried and trues this way.

2016-02-12 13.25.49

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Seamwork Magazine’s Oslo Sweater


2016-02-09 10.10.07I live in a very cold climate. Even now we have snow on the ground still and its most likely not over. Spring has not sprung, that’s for sure. Not only is it usually chilly, I am cheap, at least when it comes to heating oil or wood for the stove.

So I usually reach for either a fleece or a cardigan to keep me toasty. I also use them as a sort of unstructured blazer for important meetings. Since I don’t work outside my house anymore, except for the occasional meeting, a motley collection of cardigans have replaced my suit jackets and blazers. A few have gotten ratty and needed to be replaced.


I have been a subscriber to Colette’s Seamwork magazine since last spring. I had tried a few patterns from their regular line and was intrigued by the line of basics that would be offered every month by the magazine.  The Oslo didn’t really appeal to me for some reason, maybe the fabric choices in the pictures. After I had worked my way through most of the patterns though, I decided to revisit some of the earlier ones. I am so glad I did.



My last mystery fabric bundle from  Fabricmart had some fabulous sweater knits.

The first was a chunky knit that turned out nice and warm. I have already worn it a few times with jeans, a tee, and black boots. I love this with Colettes Mabel pencil skirt also.

Colette doesn’t lie that the pattern only takes a few hours to put together. On a serger it was crazy fast, finishing the hem with a twin needle on the regular machine. Knits are very forgiving anyway but this pattern was designed with a separate collar and cuffs that go on like a dream.

It fits loosely but still has enough shape to be feminine and flattering. I like the length very much, hitting just below my hips. Your fabric choice can totally change the look of this from snuggly and casual to polished and professional.

The second one I made has become just as loved. It’s a silky royal blue knit that drapes wonderfully. I think the next one I make however I will go down a size for lighter knits, the shoulders were a tad too low dropping the sleeves a wee bit long. The bulkier fabric was spot on.



I was very surprised at this pattern, I had assumed it was  a super casual sweater but that’s not the case at all. This will become my new go to for a sweater jacket. I am thinking even to try one out in a light jersey knit to throw on this summer on cool evenings.

Yet another awesome  basic pattern  from Seamwork that makes the subscription  fee seem cheap.


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Lisbon in Stretch Lace

I finished Seamwork Magazine’s Lisbon slip pattern today. I was a little intimidated because I was inspired by the magazine to convert the pattern from a woven to a stretch lace I have been hoarding.

I ended up going down two sizes from my usual Colette Patterns size. Other than that, it went together quickly and with no major issues. I won’t lie, my serger made it very easy with this particular fabric. The hardest part was re-threading all black!

2011-01-01 00.00.00-539 (2)

The only thing I used my regular machine for was under-stitching the lace for it to lay correctly.Check out this pretty hem.

2011-01-01 00.00.00-547 (2)


The slip is cut on the bias and princess seamed so it is very flattering for a curvy girl. The stretch lace was a recent purchase from Fabric Mart that I bought a pile of because it was so luxurious. I have some mesh knits that this slip would look incredible in as well. Perhaps it would make a cute slip dress to layer over a tank top next summer.

And, drum roll, here it is…..

2011-01-01 00.00.00-545 (2)

I have some tap pants and the Almada Robe, also from Seamwork, cut out and ready to sew up in the same fabric. How gorgeous will this set be? For reals.

Lisbon is yet another great basic pattern from Seamwork. Definitely worth the subscription in my opinion for the patterns alone. This will be a nice under piece for my #handmademonth of wearing and filling out my wardrobe with me-mades and using the fabrics I already have. Indiesew’s blog post has inspired me to make February about me-mades and wearing them, as well as paring down my wardrobe to clothes that make me feel good. I hope you join us.


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My Moji’s

So seriously I have the worst luck when it comes to pants patterns. After you factor in the fact that I sit solidly on that regular/ plus size fence and then add in the baby belly( can you still call it that when the baby is 6?) nothing EVER fits without a lot of tweaking.

I have tried a couple of the popular ones out there and had varying degrees of success. Two muslins later, I had a really nice pair of gray wool Colette’s Clovers. But casual pants continue to elude me.

Until now. Colette’s Seamwork magazine has a fabulous line of basics that I have been plowing through since the magazine came out. I finally got to the Moji this week. I didn’t really have any decent muslin fabric so I used the grey linen I had gotten at a local textile warehouse and hoped they would at least be wearable at home. They are AWESOME. Right..off..the..pattern.

I had cut out the pockets but decided not to use them for a longer, leaner look. Really I wasn’t just being lazy….. I also went all the way with an elastic waistband because they were all bunchy when I tried to tie them small enough to fit my waist. I liked the drawstring though so I faked it.

2016-02-12 11.13.05-1

How awesome are these? I could see these being seriously sexy with some cute sandals and a silk top or perfect with a sweater and my snowboots. Yay! I might even break down and model these and let you see their awesomeness! OK I probably won’t but I considered it.

So now I need to figure what other fabrics I want to use for these. Much as they scream denim I would like to try some thing else that would go with all the tops I have made this winter. What do you think?


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I saw this on Instagram yesterday and was instantly fascinated. I have a pile of memades but I don’t wear as often as I should. The boys wear theirs almost daily. What’s the difference?

Most of mine are fabulous tops and I just don’t have bottoms that go with them that fit into my lifestyle. I love to throw on a dress most days as well and those have not been at the top of my list for awhile. So I am going to fill in some of the holes in my memade wardrobe and start wearing the garments I worked so hard on.


Left to right, grey stretch wool blend Clovers(Colette), two Sorbettos( a free Colette download) in flowery cottons with different back fabrics, two Simplicity C1969 in lightweight stretch cottons, two Suttons(True Bias) in rayon and challis, two Akitas (Seamwork)in bright cottons, Kirsten tee( a free download from MariaDenmark) in sweet print jersey knit, two Mabels in ponte’.


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Making panties

My team did not make the Superbowl so instead of wasting 3-4 hours of my life I decided to sew up some new panties from some scraps I have been hoarding.

I sew a lot of our clothes for a bunch of reasons. I would love to say that it’s always tons cheaper but that is not always the case. I can say, though, that everything is well made and fits perfectly, whether it’s pants for my tall skinny son or an awesome underwear set for me. Plus I get the satisfaction of not contributing to our throwaway, wasteful society.

So….. I decided to finally give Geneva a try from Colette Patterns Seamwork magazine. I love their collection of basics and this one is just as spot on.

24256228824_5715edaed3_zI whipped out 3 pairs in very little time with scraps from my sewing bin which made this insanely inexpensive. The fabrics are stretch knits and lace from Fabric Mart that I got in their clearance section as well as bits of FOE from other projects.

I particular love these peach ones, they feel so luxurious.



I am going to cut out a bunch more and finish them up tonight. If you have never made your own underwear, these are a perfect pattern to try it.


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