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Daily Sewing Chores

I have been working on some pieces for my me made wardrobe. I finally have enough pieces I wear  at least one everyday.I am very proud of this but still need a few pieces like jeans, a spring jacket, and some shorts for me.


I got seriously sidetracked this week however by a pile of mending and my boys sudden lack of sleep shorts that fit and my oldest busting out of 2 pairs of jeans. So I assembly line sewed 8 pairs of shorts, replaced the 2 pairs of jeans, and fixed holes/rips in countless garments.

A friend called me out on my disappearance  from social media over the past week and lack of blog posts. I hadn’t realized I had dropped out. My only justification was that no one wanted to hear about boring shorts and mending. And bless her she said  “of course they do, that’s what most sewing consists of right?” Well duh. But it’s like washing dishes or doing laundry, we assume no one cares.


Well that got me thinking that maybe we set our expectations too high. Instead of seeing a complicated dress that took two weeks to make from an exotic fabric maybe there’s a mom who wants to know how to whip out 8 pairs of cotton sleep shorts in a day or two, or how to mend jeans to get a few more weeks out of them.


While I like to ooh and ahhhh over beautiful day dresses and fancy blouses it makes me feel like less of a seamstress sometimes  to see those beautifully staged and styled photos. I can make tee shirts, cardigans, and a line skirts with my eyes closed. But that’s so mundane and boring I feel like I don’t measure up sometimes. Realistic? Probably not.  So I promise to show most everything, even the boring bits, and not disappear completely  when I  am  doing the normal sewing.Just promise to tell me when I bore you to tears!

New pattern release from SergerPepper Patterns!

I was very lucky to be a tester for Irene Valle at SergerPepper Patterns this past month. It comes out tonight. Not only did I get to make these super cute overalls for both my little boys, we got to work on several variations for dungarees and shorts. Win win!

Playproof Dungarees are a relatively easy sew for an experienced beginner. If you are very experienced these go together in a flash and have tons of cute options for linings, pockets and lengths, even a skirt option, which sadly I didn’t test (hello? boys?) How cute is that Mine-craft fabric? This pair is completely flannel lined for our Maine winters.

2011-01-01 00.00.00-336

Alex is rocking this pair from the original test. I was amazed how much he likes these.

You can grab the pattern in the new OneThimble sewing magazine issue 10 or by itself at OneThimble. It comes with some other super cute patterns as well.


I did some straight up jeans from this pattern as well that came out supercool.

I am going to sew these up as shorts next week, check those out after school vacation.

Have an awesome Valentine’s Day!




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