Handmade Christmas 2016 Part 2

To look at my last post you would think I only knit these days. I am cranking out more fiber goods but still manage to hand make many other things as well.

I have always done food gifts but tried to stay away from too much baking this year. I think its a bit hypocritical to preach plant based healthy food then give away cookies and cakes…..In keeping with our simpler livesĀ  I did a few new things.

2016-06-20 09.22.07

The boys and I saved a boatload of seeds from our favorite varieties this year. We packaged them up in envelopes, labeled them, tied them with ribbon, and gave them to some of our gardening friends. They were excited to have some tried and true seeds and helped them plan for the next year. My boys got a lesson in stewardship and sustainability too, always a bonus.

2011-04-30 17.12.01

We also gave away some pesto that we had made from basil we grew. While I maintain that things like homemade jam have a place in our diet as a sometimes treat, I think the pesto was much more appreciated. One friend had requested a pizza sauce from our herbs and organic tomatoes. Next year I will have to keep in mind how much we gave away and try to grow a bit extra.

2016-06-08 15.12.27

Instead of gift cards for the bus drivers, mailman, and neighbors I made a huge batch of fresh crusty bread that we gave in brown paper lunch bags tied with ribbon. Judging from the looks of delight I think that may need to be repeated as well. How many of us remember that smell from Grams house of fresh bread? Not something many of us get anymore.

2016-06-28 08.27.36

A couple of brave friends got 6 packs of our own apple kombucha, non alcoholic, of course. I just started doing this last summer and it was a success once I got the hang of it. A cold kombucha in the summer was heavenly. Some day I may try my hand at brewing wine but that’s low on the priority list at the moment.

So we managed to stay true to our homemade Christmas and Holiday gifts and keep the budget to a minimum. I think the lesson I learned was to be creative but keep it simple.

I also played with the idea of handmade coupons for produce from our garden this spring and summer. I may think about that more and try it next year.



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