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Surviving School Vacation, Low waste, Gluten free, and Vegan

Ack the kids are home. It’s an endless cycle of “I am bored!” and “what’s to eat?”.

When you eat gluten free, mostly dairy free and no processed food unless its unavoidable that last bit seems challenging. You can’t just throw them a bag of Cheetos and a juice box. ( not that I would, ever!)  So what’s a Mom to do?

Every morning I have a simple routine that takes care of the basics. It makes easy healthy snacks within reach for the kids and keeps me from answering the “what do we have to eat?” question 12 times before lunch.  Believe it or not, its a lot cheaper to eat bulk healthy foods.  I’ll put my cart of fruits, veggies, and grains against your cart of single serve processed food-like groceries.

My routine goes something like this, every morning.


I make cold brew coffee every morning for my coffee drinkers.  Half a cup of ground coffee covered with warm water and then let sit on the counter until bedtime. It’s that easy.

2017-06-26 10.20.40

Place two teabags ( or loose tea if I have it) into a 2 quart jar of warm water. Let the sun brew it until lunch. Unsweetened iced tea is ready for drinks. I do let my kids drink the decaffeinated kind.  Its kind of amazing to have them picking out teas at the store and comparing flavors.


It’s been a process to get the kids to drink water. First we did the cute little plastic disposable bottles. Kids size reusable bottles were next. Now they have adult sized bottles( BPA free, of course). I just invested in some stainless steel bottles for them to take when they leave the house but they still use these everyday at home. I refill them in the morning and stick them in the fridge so they can grab one whenever they are thirsty.

2017-06-26 10.27.11.jpg

I cut up a bowl of snack size veggies for them to nibble on. Whatever has come from the garden that morning or what ever we have on hand.  It’s amazing but if its easy they WILL eat it. Or at least its the first stop before they grab something else. I do not give them dip and they don’t like it anyway. It hides the taste of the veggies. What law says you have to anyway? My only exception to that is hummus, We use it on everything you would use dip or mayo on.


Same principal applies to the never ending fruit salad bowl. I fill a large bowl every morning with whatever fruits we have on hand that are seasonal or on sale. A sweet snack craving gets stopped in its tracks, for the kids or me.  For an extra treat I will whip some coconut cream to have with it.

2017-06-26 10.24.01

I eat zucchini noodles every day. One of my sons eats them almost as often. Its an almost instant gratification grain free noodle dish. I like canned diced Italian tomatoes and olives, he likes Go Veggie lactose free Parmesan cheese and fresh basil. To help keep them from getting too soggy when cooked, I spiral a few zucchinis in the morning and let them dry out on a plate.

2017-06-26 10.29.02.jpg

Last but not least I make a fast batch of bread dough to hang out for 24 hours.  It enables me to instantly make a pizza crust, bread sticks, rolls or flatbread. For some good gluten free recipes for dough, has some recipes on their site as well as some awesome recipes books available on kindle or Amazon.

For a little bit of time and effort, these substitutions can help you get off of the processed food train and save you some money in the bargain.  Happy Summer!